Beginning Notes from a Crazy-Head

So let’s start this again and do it right this time.

I had the grand idea I would start a blog so I could blog all over Europe while I was traveling there; however me being less than ridiculously computer illiterate did not realize the challenges of each country and the filters for everything social media in those countries. So this is how it was with like 5 posts and a stupid title for a few years.

But, I’m back in the states, back on this blog thing, and have a better idea of WTH I’m doing. Or at least I am close enough to someone that can break down this whole thing “barney level” in English. That’s good for me for sure, but what a spectacular 2 years I had roaming around. Big adventure stories will pop up from time to time, later

If you are actually reading this, I will probably offend you at some point. Please know nothing I say is malicious in intent, and nothing I write about is with malice. I am going to give you real talk from this “crazy-head” perspective. What is crazy-head perspective, you ask—well stick around and you will see. Understand my heart has no hate and I am a peaceful person (not to be confused with harmless); but, I do have definitive thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings we may not share which is good because same same same would be all boring boring boring. I simply ask you keep your comments respectful, know I am open to discussion, but not open to malicious attacks on me or anyone commenting.

I hope you enjoy!